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The first Ironclads 1859-1872

Development of the First Ironclad Warships, from the French Steamfrigate LA GLOIRE 1859, to the British DEVASTATION-Class 1872

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Launching of the second french ironclad ship INVINCIBLE, launched 1861 in Toulon. Engraving 1861. SG000730
The wooden rump of the french steam regatta LA GLOIRE, launched in 1859, received admidships a 120 mm strength plating in the range of waterline and a 110 mm strength batterie-tank of ironplates. Length overall ~76,20 m, breadth 16,76 m, speed 13 kn. Engraving SG000640
As british answer to the LA GLOIRE and INVINCIBLE: The ironclad WARRIOR and the sistership BLACK PRINCE came into being in Blackwall, England. Scale drawing of the british WARRIOR (below) to the french ironclad LA GLOIRE (above). Engraving 1861
The ships owned an iron rump with a additional 114 mm-plating in the admidschip region. The power of the two steam-machines of 5000 PSi granted the ships a speed of 14,5 kn. The ships had additionally 4500 sailplane. Engraving SG000638
Launch of the iron-plated warship HMS WARRIOR, 1861. Engraving SG000726
The WARRIOR had a length of 116 m and was 17,7 m whide. The draught was about 8 m with a disposal of 9210 ts. Admidschips the rump was over 65 m with 114 mm strength wrought iron plates. Engraving SG000639
The battle of the american ironclads USS MONITOR against CSS MERRIMAC in March 1862 and the success of the Ironclads of the American Civil War (see there) let the navies of all nations become outdated on one afternoon and intruduced a new epoch in the warship building. Engraving F002094
Ironclad steam frigate ROYAL OAK, launched 1862. Engraving SG000644
1863 - A lot of new ironclads came into being for all nations, who had navies. Such as here: The russian ironclad floating battery PERVENETZ. Engraving SG000788 1863 - Launch of the english ironclad VALIANT with 34 guns. Built in Millwall. Engraving SG000787
Launch of the british srew stream-ship MINOTAUR with 50 guns, from the yard of the Thames Iron Shipbuildung Company, Blackwall, 1863. Engraving SG000785
1863 - The british ironclad MINOTAUR, sistership of AGINCOURT. Engraving SG000643
Launch of the ironclad frigate H.M.S. AGINCOURT in Birkenhead, 1865. Engraving SG000641
British ironclad AGINCOURT under way, launched 1865. Engraving SG000647
The french ironclad ram ship TAUREAU, launched 1865, in the harbor of Toulon. Engraving SG000642
The french ram LE TIGRE, build 1871, was one of four ironclads of the CERBÈRE-Class. Engraving SG000694
Launch oft the ironclad frigate NORTHUMBERLAND 1866 in Millwall. Engraving SG000694
Maschinery of the water-jet drive of HMS WATERWITCH, year of construction 1866. Engraving SG000655 HMS WATERWITCH, ironclad gun-boat with hydraulic propellers, launched 1866. Engraving SG000656
Arrival of US naval in Cork Harbor, Ireland 1866. Engraving SG000657
British battery-ship ZEALOUS, launched 1864, in the Streets of Magellan. Engraving SG000651
After the shot-test: Shotholes in the turret of the ROYAL SOVEREIGN, 1866. Engraving SG000658 Experimental firing of BELLEROPHON by HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN at Spithead, England 1866. Engraving SG000659
Peruvian ironclad in the new floating dock in Callao. Engraving 1867. SG000732
The british screw corvette PALLAS carrying a 114 mm strength ironclad. Engraving SG000648
The peruvian ironclad turret-ship HUASCAR, launched in 1866. Engraving SG000649
1877 - Combat between the british men-of-war SHAH and AMETHYST, and the peruvian ironclad turret-ram HUASCAR (on the right). Engraving SG000649
Ironclad OCÉAN, France 1868. Engraving SG000654
British ironclad HERCULES, 1868. Engraving SG000646
Turretship HMS MONARCH, launched 1868. Engraving SG000652
The twin-screw turret-ship HMS CAPITAIN, launched 1869. Engraving SG000645
Ironclad ram ship HMS HOTSPUR, 1870. Engraving SG000650
The french naval. In foreground the flagship SURVEILLANTE, launched in 1865. Engraving L8702177
France ironclads in Helgoland. Engraving L8702224
British turretship HMS CAPITAIN, launched 1869. Engraving L8702316
British ironclad HMS INVINCIBLE, built 1869 by Messrs. Robert Napier and Son in Glasgow. Engraving L8702553
Launching of the ironclad HMS TRIUMPH built by the Shipbuilding Company in Yarrow-on-Tyne, 1870. Engraving L8702409
Ironclad HMS SULTAN, launched 1870. Engraving L8702633
Ironclad ram HMS HOTSPUR, launched 1871. Engraving L871a068
Kapitän Scott´s rotated ship gun with wagon and sleigh, 1871. Engraving L871a144
35 tons-gun, called "The Woolwich infant", 1871. Engraving L871a144a
The both turretships HMS ABYSSINIA and MAGDALA for defense the harbor of Bombay, 1871. Engraving L871a145
Outgoing of the twin-screw turret-ship HMS GLATTON on the Chatham Dockyard, 1871. It was the first ship of its class with reduced freeboard, after the manner of the american monitors. Engraving L871a272
Ironclad turretship GLATTON, launched 1871, for harbor defense. Engraving N8712521
Oversight: The gun turret of HMS GLATTON by Capt. Scott, 1871. Engraving N8712520a
Cut through Scott's gun turret, 1871. Engraving N8712520b
They exposure laboratory animals on board of the turretship GLATTON to search the effect of bombardment on human beings. Engraving N8722025
1872 - Testbombardment of the turretship HMS GLATTON by HMS HOTSPUR, with the new 25-tons guns. Engraving N8722029
The turret after the second hit. Engraving N8722028b
The about 37 cm strength ironclad gunturret of HMS GLATTTON after the first hit, 1872. Engraving N8722028a
The british ironclad-naval in harbor of Portland, 1872. Engraving N8722164
Effect of the HOTSPUR-long-guns on the gun turret of the ironclad GLATTON, 1872. Engraving N8722431
HMS AGINCOURT on ground in the bay of Gibraltar, 1871. Engraving N8712045
Launching of HMS CYCLOPS in Blackwall 1871. Engraving N8712089
Board plan of the DEVASTATION-Class. Engraving N8712063
The british turretship HMS DEVATATION, launched 1871. The ships of the DEVASTATION-class were the first ironclads without sails. L.ü.A. 86,87 m, B. 18,97 m, T. 8,13 m, Verdr. 9387 t, 5155 PS/13 kn. Kohlenverbrauch 1,4 kg pro Stunde und PS. Engraving N8712064
Open sea-breastwork monitor DEVASTATION, England 1871. Engraving SG000653
The british ironclad turretship HMS THUNDERER with a torpedo-arrester gear, 1877. Engraving SG000722
HMS THUNDERER, sistership of DEVASTATION, 1872. Engraving N8722384
Meeting of two worlds. In the foreground the turretship HMS THUNDERER, launched 1872, with a steam engine and without sails; in the background a fregate, such 12 years ago. Engraving SG000662
Oversight and cut through the gun turret of HMS THUNDERER. Engraving N8721383
Look in the command-turret of the ironclad THUNDERER, 1872. Engraving SG000661 Torpedo practice on board HMS THUNDERER: Preparing to launch a Whitehead Torpedo, 1878. Engraving SG000725
July 1876 - Boiler-explosion on board of HMS THUNDERER, Spithead. Fifteen men lost their lifes directly at explosion, twentythree others already died away in hospital, in the first night after the misadventure, more than forty others were seriously hurt. Engraving N8762075 The bristle steam-boiler of THUNDERERs after explosion. Engraving 1886. N8762213